Saturday, February 19, 2011

hello readers.. all 12 of you..

Im way behind on posting... bleh. Ive not been able to get to a computer lately so Im behind on post. I have received alot of rad mail recently.. Thanks to my mother,Ruckus,Fast Eyes,Conundrum,KDJ,Maryhassssound,K@,Lynn,and the fruid! I hope to post some pictures of my mail sooon. I have also sent out quite a bit of mail1 pics to come..(cant find my computer cord)

Also: I cut ALOT of my hair off and boy im so glad i did.. my hair was dead and was starting to dread.. not a road I was wanting to go down again.. so i shaped it up.. gave myself an edgy shoulder length bob and some bangs.. and i totally feel better about life. pictures to come..including a photo of the bag of hair..hahah

OHHHHH and i have a few more recent beach adventure photos.. I found something HUGE!! im not going to talk about it yet bc i want it to be a surprise..I just wrote about it in a ltter to a dear friend of mine and i dont want her to see it on my blog first..eeeeek.. ok well enuff for now.. im going exploring. pictures hopefully tonight!!!!



  1. No worries, lovely. Can't wait to hear from you, but take your time. <3

  2. Dangerous! I still have a lovely little package waiting to be sent to you - but I was waiting because you said on sendsomething you were sending out another one! But, I have not received it, so, I was just making sure it didn't get lost or maybe you forgot (perfectly okay), so if you don't have something waiting for me I can send you mine and I won't be behind in mailing to you! :)

  3. Sending out little things to you ladies today!!!!!